Examples of global plastic handling

Many countries around the world have taken measures to ban single-use plastic bags and disposable items to reduce their waste, such as the United States. The states of Hawaii and California banned plastic bags in 2005 and 2014, respectively. Some countries use plastic tax measures, such as Ireland. Tax on single-use plastic bags is 22 cents per bag. This measure can reduce the distribution of single-use plastic bags by up to 90%.


Our country has problems in managing its dangerous waste. Even though it's a shameful statistic, I have to admit that Thailand is the sixth highest country in the world for dumping garbage into the sea. This is why we need urgent measures to reduce plastic waste. For us to restore and preserve the natural resources of this world, the first step is to cooperate with 43 major department stores and convenience stores to join the campaign to stop giving out single-use plastic bags nationwide from 1 January 2020. After this, we will expand to fresh produce markets, community markets, and small retail stores. The aim is to pass a law banning all single-use plastic bags in Thailand by 2021.


In the past, we carried out a project, "Do good deeds with the heart, reduce the use of plastic bags”, together with our private network of 43 partners. Plastic bags were not available on the fourth day of every month, which reduced the consumption of plastic bags by more than 2,000 million, or about 5,755 tons. If we ban single-use plastic bags next year, imagine how much more plastic waste will disappear; how much cleaner Thailand’s seas will be. All you have to do is start adjusting your lifestyle right now. Make a habit of bringing your own bag for shopping and be willing to reduce your comfort and convenience a little. Renew your life with the environment.


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