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Top Varawut Silpa-archa, a politician from Suphan Buri Province, dreams to work for the nation and continue the aspirations of his late father, Banharn Silpa-archa, the 21st prime minister of Thailand.

Currently, Top is the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and works to improve environmental work in Thailand. After decades of campaigning, he now wants to achieve concrete results. Top’s main goal is to free Thailand of plastic waste, which will bring his country into a new stage in environmental protection.

Top and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has partnered with 50 leading department stores and convenience stores nationwide to stop distributing single-use plastic bags from 2020, which will reduce plastic waste by more than half. The Ministry will continue reducing plastic waste by passing a law that will ban four types of single-use plastic products by 2021.


Top Varawut
  • Free Thailand from single-use plastic waste
  • Improve ranking in the list of countries polluting oceans with plastic waste
  • Support the Mariam Project’s national dugong conservation plan by reducing waste generation
  • Expand Thailand’s forest areas from 32% to 55% of the country
  • Increase urban green areas to match WHO standards
  • Campaign for concrete solutions to PM2.5 air pollution
  • Restrict the production of greenhouse gases
Top Varawut

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