Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) in Roi Et Province

RDF is the energy derived from waste that is primarily burned, such as recycled plastics and paper. It is a good industrial fuel. Currently, some businesses in the cement industry are buying RDF to be used as energy in their production processes, instead of fossil fuels. However, we still need to solve the problem of low demand in the market for RDF. Additionally, the quality limitations of energy obtained from waste is another key factor in hindering the widespread development of waste disposal projects for RDF production.


At the policy level, it is the duty of the government to support the demand for RDF energy and push for its increased production. However, good quality waste is vital to producing RDF and every household can get involved immediately by separating their trash. This is an essential step because RDF must be free of organic waste, toxic waste, and pollution-causing PVC plastic to be sold in the industrial market. These materials are rejected as they contain carcinogens, dioxins and corrosive substances that destroy industrial machinery.


Let’s start separating our trash today to optimize the processing and disposal of waste. We must reduce the burden of responsible agencies and encourage the expansion of similar waste disposal projects for our well-being.


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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
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